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22 years ago on June 21st I received an engagement ring from my now husband that was made at Ames Silversmithing. We then got married and I got the matching wedding band, all expertly made from Ames Silversmithing. Fast forward almost 22 years and I lost that wedding set unexpectedly while on vacation. Now living out of state, I contacted Gary for help with the insurance claim on the ring and he went above and beyond to be an advocate for me with the insurance as well as helping me to be sure to get a faiar appraisal and replacement reimbursement. Of course, I wanted my ring remade at Ames SS and asked Gary to remake from a photo I sent him. The mock ups were great and all I had to do was get a ring size. He made the new ring and unbeknownst to me, my husband had contacted Gary and asked him to add an anniversary band to the replacement ring. Gary expertly made the ring, sent it to my husband's friend and went out of his way to keep the ring a surprise until my husband gave it to me again on the day of our engagement 22 years later! WHAT A SURPRISE! I was blown away at the beauty of the replacement ring and could not be happier with the new and improved ring that Gary made for me! I cannot thank you enough Gary for your help, care and wonderful services that you gave to me and my husband! I LOVE the new ring and am so thankful that you were able to make such a close replacement ring to the original! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
-Mandy S.
I got careless when changing the battery in my wife's pick-up truck. While holding a wrench I happened to touch the negative post on the battery with my wedding ring and it melted a small part of the channel that holds the diamonds in place. I stopped into the store to get an estimate for repair and was pleasantly surprised when the gentleman took my ring and returned in a very short time. It was polished and the damaged area buffed out so that it looked perfect. I may have to have a more intense repair at some point in time but for now he was able to make my ring look new and the damage undetectable to the human eye. When I asked what I owed he said absolutely nothing, just come back when you would like to have a permeant repair completed. That my friends is customer service. My wife and I have always been completely satisfied everytime we step inside Ames Silversmithing. Thank you!
-Don H.
I must begin with a great big "THANK YOU" to Kyle and everyone at your store. Recently I walked in off the street carrying my wedding ring and my 25th Anniversary Ring. It was my hope that it would be possible to combine both rings into one. Then the ring I wear is a symbol of 35 fabulous years. The end result of Ames Silversmithing's work with me is absolutely breathtaking. I could not have possibly imagined how gorgeous it is and how much it means to me. I cried when I saw the pictures and when I saw it, it took my breath away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today my husband slipped this ring on my finger in his room at a local care center. It will be there for the rest of our lives. Thank you.
-Teresa P.
I just want to thank everyone at Ames Silversmithing. My father always bought every Christmas a green box with a custom made piece of jewlery from them for myself, my mom and my sister in laws. It was always a special piece and means even more today since those days are gone since my fathers passing last year. I needed a piece appraised and they did a top notch job and overnight even. They treat you like gold here and even remember you when you stop in even if once a year. You can't beat their expertise and helpfulness no matter what your budget is or no matter what you wear in the door. Today I was in a old flannel shirt and received the same wonderful hello and warm greeting as if I was adorned in a fur coat. Trust me, you won't be disappointed here! Thank you all. You make me feel just as happy as the days my dad surprised me with a little green box. You have our families business for life!
-Sue K.
My teenage grandson was so hard to get any presents for. It was around Christmas time and I was beside myself trying to think what to get him. Then I remembered this drawing of a design he had made. I took the drawing into you to see what you could do.You were very helpful with ideas and made a one of a kind necklace for him.I wish you could have seen his face at Christmas.He loved it!He hasn't taken it off since he got it.The workmanship was beyond anything I had ever seen.Thank you so very much!
-Sherry M.
This year is our 25th wedding anniversary. My daughter and I happened to be walking by the store window and saw a ring that was perfect for my husband! I purchased it and he loves it. Little did I know that he had contacted you for a custom ring to be made for me! Kyle and Kirk took notes on every detail my husband wanted incorporated in my ring and got it absolutely perfect. My ring is beautiful and has all the elements he wanted and are very significant to us. Thank you for your amazing customer service!
-Annette W.
Hands down the best customer service! I had a broken chain on a special necklace that I wanted to wear to an upcoming wedding. I didn't even get this necklace at your store, however, your care of it and taking five minutes to laser weld not even the broken side but also the non-broken side so it wouldn't break on that side was so thoughtful. Plus I got to walk out with it same day! Thank you very much!
-Megan H.
I took my girlfriends ring in after it got bent on accident and they fixed it for me in a matter of minuets. They are extremely professional and you can tell they care about what they do. I would heavily recommend Ames Silversmithing!
-Andrew S.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH again for all of your help with the engagement ring last spring. Over the past eight months or so, my fiancé has received so many genuine compliments on it. It’s a great ring and I’m so very grateful for all of your help! We have been extremely impressed with your business. Thanks for everything!
-Brian A.
I just wanted to let you know that I have received the ring and that I love it. You guys have been great through the whole process. You were on time and on budget, which I appreciate. In addition you were flexible and offered options to see what would work best, which was great. It was great doing business with you, and thanks for your help through this process.
-Mario A.
Kyle, she said yes! And she is annoyingly in love with the ring so I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for all the help you have been. She keeps telling me how impressed she is and that she could not have done a better job herself. I am sure every lady loves their ring when they get it but I can tell that she really, really, really means it.
-Tyler C.
I received custom wedding bands for my engagement ring from Ames Silversmithing, and they exceeded my expectations! I was told by several jewelry stores that the band had to be a certain way, and it was a way that I did not like! Ames Silversmithing created exactly what I wanted and envisioned in my head. It came out perfect… even better than I imagined. On top of design, they were also created at the most reasonable price! I was recommended to come to Ames Silversmithing for custom work, and I would recommend you to everyone I know. We couldn’t be more pleased! Don’t settle for something when Ames Silversmithing can give you exactly what you are looking for.
-Lauren R.
You have been absolutely amazing and my future fiancé and I have really enjoyed working with you. I proudly look forward to the day when I can present her with the ring of her dreams thanks to Ames Silversmithing.
-Randon R.
Hello! I love my ring and cannot tell you how many people comment on it. I even have people stop me because someone has told them I’m “that girl with the ring.” Love it!
-Tessie M.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in picking out the perfect opal engagement ring! My fiancé proposed yesterday, and it was perfect! I couldn’t even look at the ring for the first 30 minunes that it was on my finger because I was overwhelmed and it was just so beautiful! Now I just can’t stop looking at it! It couldn’t be more perfect.
-Katie G.
I just want to say… we’ve been to a few locations throughout the Des Moines Metro. Of the places we visited, Ames Silversmithing stood out as the best. We appreciated the customer service, attention, and focus we received from you guys. Thank you for making this a fun experience and I look forward to an Ames Silversmithing ring on my hand in the near future!
-Jessica M.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express our gratitude and satisfaction with our recent purchase of an engagement ring, and with the service we’ve received after the sale. I honestly can’t think of a single thing I could recommend that would improve the process, the product, or the experience. I think we probably dealt with everyone in the store at some point along the way, and each and every person was courteous, helpful and professional. They all knew me by name and went out of their way to make me a satisfied customer… AND IT WORKED!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You can be sure we will send all of our friends your way.
-Rod K.
Thank you so much for you excellent service. My fiancé and I came into pick out our wedding bands. You were fabulous to work with and you made our experience amazing. I appreciate so much you taking the time with us to make sure I got the most beautiful wedding band possible. We will always recommend Ames Silversmithing to our friends and family! Keep up the amazing work!
-Jill D.
I just wanted to take a moment to express how happy my husband and I are with the wedding rings we purchased. I have had so many wonderful comments about my wedding ring and I always tell them I had it made at Ames Silversmithign. Keep up the excellent work! Thanks again!
-Ericka B.
I just wanted to comment on my great experience with Ames Silversmithing. The customer service is perfect and the jewelry selection is fantastically extensive!
-Shelly J.
I have been meaning to email you my great appreciation for the above-and-beyond customer service you gave me in creating a custom piece of jewelry on a very tight timeline. And I want to let you know how much we love the piece - it's beautiful and just right. There's a reason why I keep coming back, you guys are awesome!
-Paul H.
Thanks a lot for all of the help I got at Ames Silversmithing. I was blow away by the knowledge, great attitude, and patience everyone exhibited during the process! She said yes!
-Ben K.
I wanted to let you folks know that I love--and I do not use this term lightly--your store. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the jewelry is magnificent. I bought a pair of earrings as a Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend, and my girlfriend and I bought a ring for our roommate on her birthday. In both scenarios, the customer service demonstrated the utmost in patience and helpfulness, and both purchased pieces possessed a simple yet elegant design that really impressed the recipients of the gifts. Not only am I exceedingly proud to support a local business, but your business in particular demonstrates the many virtues of a pleasant shopping experience. Thank you so much!
-Lance S.
I can't recall the number of hours the team has worked with me over the years...always there with a smile and as much time as I needed to get my questions answered. I love everything I've gotten from you. You are #1 in my book. Thanks!